Hello friends, my name is Ivy

I love traveling, fitness, vintage, creative cooking, and historical architecture

I am a mum to four teenage boys and married to a Honda motorcycle enthusiast. When I am not off exploring the great unknown, you can find me working on one of many projects around my 1930s Tudor home, thrifting treasures, lifting weights, or experimenting in the kitchen .


Growing up in an abusive home that is well below the poverty level is never easy. I can remember going from my house , where I had to tiptoe quietly and was constantly reminded of the lack of resources, to my grandparents, who were very comfortable financially. It seemed like a fairy tale and I was the princess. My grandparents would take me shopping, fill me with delicious food, and give me all the cozy good loving that good grandparents provide. I hated going home. It felt unstable, stressful, even as a child. I never want my children to feel like that.

As a mom of four, I want to create stability and freedom. Unfortunately, I worked so hard to create the stability part of our life that I basically eliminated our freedom. Becoming a mom at 16 made me grow up fast, I went to college and got an art degree (quickly realizing this was a poor financial choice.) Cosmetology was a quick and fun career switch. It was perfect for 10 years until I hit a wall, maxing out my income despite working long hours 5-6 days a week. Enter that quest for stability again, I was introduced to speech-pathology and returned to college to get a masters degree thinking it was a stable high income job..

After graduating, I came to realize I just racked up $100,000 in student loan debt for the same income I had as a cosmetologist. Devastation. I felt like the queen of poor decisions. My brain hit a roadblock , terrified I would make a wrong move again and dig that hole a little deeper. I wanted to create change but I didn't know where to start . I felt trapped. I started to research and kept hearing about passive income. Yeah, that sounds great but what do I do? How do I start?? I had been researching this path for years and one day I just had enough. Enough fear, enough talk with no action. I took the first step, purchasing a course to level up my skills so I could be that success story.

My fear was my biggest block, I was so scared of failing that I didn't want to start.

This is where I was when I started this journey.

  • Interested in creating passive income and learning new skills but I just didn't know where to start.

  • Worried that the market was saturated and I wouldn't be successful

  • Frustrated that I work so hard and still struggle to provide basic necessities, let alone save for retirement, emergencies, college funds, birthdays, vacations, or even buy a damn coffee without checking my bank app.

  • Felt like a failure, unworthy and inadequate, like I am not capable of improving my situation and doomed to live paycheck to paycheck forever.

  • Not knowing that FIRST STEP. What is the first thing I need to do to start.

If this sounds like you too, just know.......